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Together, We Can Create Change and Grow

The Emotional Intelligent Nurse Group is a home for all Nurses looking to enhance and maintain independent thinking and emotional intelligence.

Are you ready to master your emotions, thoughts, behavior, and responses so you can have better control over the unhealthy situations and people at work and in your life?

Then you've come to the right place!

The Emotional Intelligent Nurse Group is a community for all Nurses looking to enhance and maintain their leadership skills, improve their conflict management and resolution all from a place of mindset, psychological safety, and Human Design.

Being An Emotional Intelligent Nurse Is...the art of managing yourself so you can manage others.

It's the ability to:

🖤 Have deep self-awareness and understanding of your thoughts, feelings and how they influence your behavior.

🖤 Manage those thoughts and feelings to protect your peace and enforce your boundaries.

🖤 Knowing how to be the calm in the midst of panic.

🖤 Understanding the key to being a successful adult.

This group is for:

  1. Bedside nurses ready to grow in mindset, critical thinking, leadership and being change agents
  2. Any Nurse who wants to develop personal and professional boundaries based on Human Design
  3. All RNs and LPNs ready to push the culture of Nursing forward

Your membership Includes:

  • Different are of focus every month
  • Bi-monthly live group coaching calls
  • Strategies to manage your challenging work culture
  • Recommended readings & book discussion
  • Connection with other like-minded professional nurse troublemakers
  • Education on ways to deepen your self awareness using emotional intelligence and human design.
  • Identifying your leadership style, and how to use it to serve efficiently and effectively
  • Q&A with Tiffany via private platform

2022 Curriculum:

January | Leadership Style
February | Being a Problem Solver
March | Being A Change Agent In Nursing
April | Cycles of Change
May | Creativity Equals Innovation
June | Leadership in Education
July | Collaboration & Partnerships
August | Using Stats As Facts
September | Professional Troublemaking
October | Feedback & Communication
November | Leadership in Crisis
December | Year End Review

Hosted by Tiffany Gibson MSN-ED, RN, NPD-BC, CPN

What People Are Saying:

Just wanted to come on and say how much I appreciated and enjoyed the content you provided for us... As you know I had started my new role as a Clinical Educator at my hospital. Coming from a bedside leadership role, I had doubts about my abilities in this role since I had barely begun my graduate degree. This <redacted> absolutely helped me in preparing my mindset on what this role is and "should" be about. A little over a month in and I have received great praise from my director and education team members, on my initiative and performance. I keep hearing "you came and hit the ground running." I often say to myself WWTD, what would tiff do. LOL. So thank you for all that you do, because you could've kept all this game to yourself, but you didn't. I will continue to follow you and hope that new nurse academy continues to grow, so I can turn in my application and resume in the future (shameless plug). lol Thanks, Tiff 😘

Taylor G.